Club and League rules

East Anglian league constitution.

East Anglian League constitution
The new constitution for the East Anglian League was adopted at the 2016 AGM and takes effect before the start of the 2017 season. As with the club consitution, any member can propose changes to the league constitution, which will be voted on at the next AGM.
East Anglian League constitution - amend
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St Neots club constitution.

The new constitution for the St Neots Autograss Club was adopted at the 2016 AGM and takes effect before the start of the 2017 season. As with the league consitution, any member can propose changes to the club constitution, which will be voted on at the next AGM.
St Neots Autograss Club constitution 201
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Existing club procedures

Welcome to the St Neots Autograss Club. We are primarily a social club, with a bias towards Autograss Racing. The club is organised on a totally voluntary basis, with a lot of members putting in a great deal of their own time and effort to promote Autograss Racing to a professional standard in this area. The club needs all your help to survive and flourish and will in turn attempt to satisfy you with a source of enjoyment and entertainment for all the family.


  1. In order to continue our success, and to help everyone to work together, we have had to impose a few rules:
  2. Drivers are expected to assist in setting up facilities on days preceding race days.
  3. A free gate pass for the race meeting will be issued to each person who has attended the pre-meeting track erection.
  4. A St Neots Club Open race will be held at each race meeting, counting towards a season long championship. Only St Neots club members who have attended the pre-meeting track erection are eligible to take part in this race.
  5. On race days all club members who sign on to race will surrender their licences until the end of the meeting, when the track and facilities have been dismantled and packed away. A fine of £10 will be imposed on drivers who wish to take their licence early, or collect it at a later date. The clearing up only takes 20 minutes if everyone helps out.
  6. All members are expected to participate in the running of the meeting. We are now compiling rotas for marshalling, startline and other jobs so that we can spread the workload. This means that you will only be required to do a job for a short while on race days.
  7. Consistent failure by any member to contribute to the running of the club and race days may result in membership being questioned or withdrawn.



We are sorry these rules have to be implemented, but they do help with the smooth running of the club.


Carol Robins (Secretary)




The committee has clarified the following arrangements for track erection days:


On SATURDAYS before one-day meetings you MUST be signed on by 3.30 pm to be counted as having attended the work party, and to be allowed to compete in the St Neots club open race on the Sunday. The official start time for Saturday work parties is 12.00 noon, but work will normally commence around 10.00 am


On FRIDAYS, before 2-day meetings, you must be signed on by 8.30 pm, although we hope as many members as possible will be present from 2 pm onwards.

The St Neots club's "Cannon" logo originates from the club's long-time meeting place, The Cannon pub in St Neots town centre - now long since refurbished and re-opened under a new name. The club now meets at the RAF Club in Huntingdon Street, St Neots, but the Cannon lives on as the club's distinctive badge.

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