The National Autograss Sport Association Limited

The East Anglian Autograss League, of which the St Neots Club is a part, is one of 21 leagues throughout the UK and Ireland that comprise the National Autograss Sport Association (NASA).


The objective of NASA is to promote the growth of affordable motor sport by ensuring that its affiliated clubs (currently numbering 51 in total) promote racing under a consistently applied national rule book and to the highest possible standards of safety, discipline and environmental awareness. NASA is an authorised governing body under the Road Traffic Acts and, because of the sport's safety record, is able to ensure that competitors, officials and the public are protected by the best available insurance cover at relatively modest cost.


NASA is a non profit making company, controlled by representatives elected or nominated by the 21 regional leagues. The league representatives appoint a board of unpaid volunteer Directors to deal with the day to day running of the Association. The League Representatives, Chief Scrutineers, Chief Marshals and Safety Officers from each league attend quarterly meetings to exchange views from around the country and to provide feedback from their members to the Board oif Directors.


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The St Neots club's "Cannon" logo originates from the club's long-time meeting place, The Cannon pub in St Neots town centre - now long since refurbished and re-opened under a new name. The club now meets at the RAF Club in Huntingdon Street, St Neots, but the Cannon lives on as the club's distinctive badge.

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